NIKATEI Moisture Proof Cabinet NC-30S Silver Plus

  • Brand: Nikatei
  • Product Code: NC-30S-Silver-Plus
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NIKATEI Moisture Proof Cabinet NC-30S Silver Plus

Having more outstanding advantages than the others on the market: there is foam for better protection, LED light system
Compact, well design

1 block, 1 IC

Capacity: 30L

Voltage: 110-220V/AC/5V 2A DC

Power: 5W/h

Control panel and display: 1 (outside)

Humidity control: muscles

Dehumidifying scope: 25-60%

Display: LED

1 door, stainless lock

Material: corrugated iron

Inside product dimension: W288xD290xH365mm

Outside packing dimension: W290xD320xH420mm

Packing dimension: W350xD380xH485mm

Net weight: 6.5kgs

Gross weight: 7.6kgs

Material: The cabinet is made of thick, molded, welded.

Japanese Technology

Made Entirely in Japan - Genuine product

Status: Available

Warranty: 5 years

Shipment: Free in city


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