Nikatei DRYBOX moisture-proof bag

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Nikatei DRYBOX moisture-proof bag

Portable moisture-proof (without electricity), capable of preserving the camera lens even when traveling, when away from work, going to work and travel.

I. Product Specifications

- Capacity: 10L

- Dimensions: 310 * 240 * 170mm

II. Product introduction and instructions

In desiccant boxes use moisture absorber to desiccate the equipment to be preserved

When the dehumidifier inside the box changes from blue to pink, it should

Replace the desiccant. Replace the two fixed dehumidification cards on the lid

Desiccant box, by removing the dehumidifier card in the microwave and drying it no more than 1

Minutes, until the card is pink to blue is done recycle card to use. After the cool dehumidifier is reapply to cover the box to use
normal use.

• Before using, remove the card from the bag

This desiccant is used for food so it can be assured

Microwave oven for drying.

This moisture absorber is not heated in the microwave for too long, right

Particularly control the time and temperature of the microwave if not will

Deformation dehumidifier

Warranty 12 months

Japanese technology, genuine origin

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