Flipchart Board

Office boards are a very popular product not only in companies but also very important for all classes, lecture halls, even in families.

In many offices, the lack of tables makes it more inconvenient to work. Especially in group work, meeting and dissemination of information, work, without the support of Flipchart, these tasks will face many difficulties. The heavy workload will distract you and forget important things without the prompting of the office tables. When presenting a problem or a new project, the Flipchart panel will also help you illustrate ideas more easily, system logical issues more and not miss the details.






The Flipchart Board is now no stranger to a large group of employees working in the office blocks in our country today with the superior features that other boards can not get. The table surface is made of steel material imported from Korean paint so the board is easy to write, easy to remove leaving no blur after erasing and always after many times use. Also due to being made of steel, the surface of the table is provided with magnetic capability that makes the table can be used with magnets to give users more options.

In addition to the flipchart, there are many different office boards with different uses, such as pin boards: to attach documents, notices to employees. Calendar tables are used to assign tasks such as calendars, calendars, schedules, etc. The glass panels are usually fixed to inform information, pictures and table types that often appear in large, modern companies. Bring modern, beautiful impression.

You want to buy a table in your office, meeting room or family for easy access to or important information. But you do not have time to choose or are wondering about the price and quality of the table types on the market today. Low-cost office boards often do not meet your quality requirements, and expensive high-end boards. Or you do not have time to choose your own type of quality sheets, suitable for their conditions and use purposes.


Meeting room, Marketing room


With the nature of work to plan and teamwork often, the Marketing Department also regularly uses the table, mainly the type of board from white writing pen, Flipchart table to achieve the greatest information communication effect. But still save space.

For meeting rooms, large tables, Korean writing boards, Flipcharts, swivel tables, and flexible feet are required to communicate large amounts of information. You can choose a fixed wall mount or a swivel table, and many businesses choose to buy a large, movable or rotary office table to match different goals in the meeting.

Once you have chosen the right board for your job, you need to pay attention to the selection of genuine, high quality boards. On the market today there are many types of office table cheap but low quality, low efficiency, fast and damaged. You should look for reputable addresses to buy genuine high-end office tables.

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